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    August 2023

    August 2023| 64 Pages

    Bangladesh is renowned for its ability to evolve, adapt and discover itself with time, which differentiates it from many of its competitors. From the days of the multifibre agreement (in the ’70s) to the tragedy of today where the world is going through a bad phase starting from the recession trend and the ongoing war, Bangladesh has never ceased to adjust and acclimatise with time to maintain its relevance as the preferred sourcing destination for the global buyers.

    In today’s era of fast fashion where brands are continuously striving to make production processes faster and simpler even as they scout for vendors who have smaller lead times, shorter order runs, are cost-effective, can offer variety of styles and high-fashion products, garment makers have little choice but to embrace technology.

    In this edition’s Cover Story, we present to you how the foresighted Bangladesh garment makers have started adopting technology to keep up with the changing times even as the target of US $ 100 billion in apparel exports by 2030 looms large, to achieve which


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