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    June 2023| 68 Pages

    The second biggest apparel exporter globally after China, Bangladesh is all set to move up the value chain.

    With MMF-based apparel gaining relevance in the global market, Bangladesh is getting ready to make the best of the opportunities on offer as it shifts gears and moves beyond the staple of basic garments, produced in volume!

    Even though cotton-based apparel still maintain their relevance and popularity, especially in light of their natural and breathable properties, MMF continues to hog the limelight, thanks to a wide range of factors including cost and availability, performance and durability, versatility and innovation, fashion trends and styling, not to mention from the perspective of sustainability as well.

    No wonder, MMF-based garments accounted for US $ 222 billion of the US $ 440 billion global garments market last year compared to that of US $ 190 billion of cotton-based products.

    The Cover Story of June issue of Apparel Online Bangladesh (AOB) is on MMF and how Bangladesh is preparing its grounds to excel in MMF-based apparel in the global arena even as the target of US $ 100 billion in apparel exports by 2030 looms large on the horizon, to achieve which MMF-based apparel is expected to play a pivotal role.

    MMF is an open field and its scope of growth is simply immense, claimed Miran Ali, the Vice President of BGMEA speaking to AOB, hinting towards Bangladesh’s chance to stamp its dominance in MMF-based global apparel market.

    In this issue of the magazine, we speak to the stakeholders concerned to try and give our readers a complete lowdown on Bangladesh and its prospects in the realm of MMF-based apparel.



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