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Is Jaipur on its way to be the next Tirupur!

With growing focus on automation, training initiative, innovative and wide product variety range, aggressively working association…. Jaipur is on its way to become India’s next Tirupur.

Mar 27 19  |  Sourcing


Role, roadblocks and remedies: How logistics is an integral part of indian apparel import industry

Logistics have been a vital part of the apparel import industry. For India too, the segment has played a prominent role for the import industry. While there are still many roadblocks, India has come a long way when it comes to logistics in apparel imports.

Mar 25 19  |  Sourcing


Flurry of activities and overwhelming participation marks Day 1 of ASW 2019

Day-1 of ASW 2019 lives up to expectations; more than 2000 visitors & power-packed line-up of seminars, panel discussions & open house.

Mar 16 19  |  Sourcing

ASW 2019 gets off to a flying start!

The two-dayApparel Sourcing Week(ASW) kickstarts in Bengaluru today.

Mar 15 19  |  Sourcing

ASW 2019

Vietnam’s Nam Dinh re-emerging as an apparel hub or is the distance too long to cover…?

After a slump in 1990s, Nam Dinh is on the road to regrouping itself to yet again become an apparel hub though many feel there is still a long way to go.

Mar 14 19  |  Sourcing

Do we need to change the mindset for better growth and business? The apparel industry speaks….

it has always been said that the apparel industry needs to change the mindset for better growth and opportunities. Apparel Resources spoke to a number of industry players to know what they feel about the same.

Mar 13 19  |  Sourcing



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