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Here’s how India’s biggest home furnishing exporter is transforming into a global institution

India’s biggest home furnishing exporter Welspun India transforming into a global institution with continuous expansion of its ...

1 month ago  |  7 mins read

Hydroxide Knitwear Ltd. going ‘East’ for market expansion

Counted amongst Bangladesh’s renowned sweater manufacturers, Hydroxide Knitwear Ltd. is now looking to foray into China, Japan, and ...

2 months ago  |  6 mins read

BEXIMCO making its clothing and lifestyle brand YELLOW globally available

After establishing YELLOW in the domestic market, BEXIMCO plans to make it globally popular. One of the trendiest ...

2 months ago  |  5 mins read

Gloria Jeans – Quality management drives customer satisfaction

Focus on quality management to win the customers has today helped Gloria Jeans become from a manufacturing giant ...

4 weeks ago  |  8 mins read

Meet 5 exporters from the Chikankari hub, Lucknow

Lucknow has some interesting garment exporters and they are doing good business with local strength of Chikankari and ...

4 weeks ago  |  8 mins read

Here’s how apparel and textile industry reacting to cotton’s increased MSP

Apparel and Textile Industry - Though majority of apparel exporters are not much worried about the Cotton’s increased ...

4 weeks ago  |  6 mins read