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    Bangladesh’s name to fame is no longer just restricted to being the preferred garment sourcing hub for global brands and buyers. The second largest garment exporter globally, Bangladesh is gaining prominence for its fast emerging fashion retail sector as well lately.

    Attuned to manufacturing clothes for globally renowned names, Bangladesh garment manufacturers who are also well aware of the dynamics of the global retail market on account of the same, have started to come up with their very own labels/brands for the domestic market.

    Soon, many global players joined them to heat up the thriving fashion retail sector of the country, which has been valued at US $ 9.34 billion in 2022 and is slated to grow annually by 4.31 per cent (CAGR 2023-2027), as per Statista.

    In this edition’s lead article, we present to you a complete lowdown on the thriving fashion retail sector of Bangladesh, which experts and stakeholders concerned, expect to reach new height in the days to come.

    If the Lead Article of AOB April issue is on the fashion retail sector of Bangladesh, the Cover Story aptly presents the awe-inspiring growth journey of Pacific Jeans Ltd. (PJL), which is just not an institution in itself in Bangladesh having set new benchmarks in denim jeans making, but has also contributed significantly in Bangladesh apparel sector’s growth journey.

    Team AOB caught up with the dynamic and suave Syed M. Tanvir, the MD of Pacific Jeans Ltd., for a candid and exhaustive interaction.


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