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    Bangladesh garment manufacturers are one of the most enterprising and innovative lot amongst the country’s business community. Having started business way back in the ’70s, many have evolved to become major names in the realm of garment manufacturing and exports, which has helped Bangladesh to earn the tag of the second biggest apparel exporter globally.

    The September issue is an ode to such garment makers, who have evolved to expand venturing into new and unchartered territories. Thanks to their unmatched business acumen, they have been able to successfully diversify into other fields with equal ease and success, to become top-of-the-line business conglomerates with diverse business interests.

    However, even as the apparel industry continues to grow and flourish, it is faced with new challenges always, despite which it is touching new landmarks in exports regularly. What’s more, it has also been a major beneficiary of the business shift from China as has been well encapsulated in this edition’s editorial.

    The regular columns and new sections on retail, manufacturing, technology and the likes are as always informative and worth reading


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