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    March 2023

    March 2023| 84 Pages

    The second largest apparel exporter in the world, Bangladesh is creating waves in the global denim market.

    Shipment of ‘Made in Bangladesh’ denim items in the export stronghold of European Union (EU) was worth US $ 689.69 million in the January-June period of 2022, compared to what was US $ 502.45 million during the corresponding period of 2021, registering a 37.26 per cent year-on year growth.

    Meanwhile, in the other export stronghold of USA, denim export from Bangladesh (in the January-November period of 2022) grew by 28.52 per cent to US $ 900 million compared to what was US $ 700 million in the corresponding period of the previous year.

    What’s more, it’s not just in USA and EU, Bangladesh is expanding its footprints in many other non-traditional destinations in a big way when it comes to denim.

    In the March issue of Apparel Online Bangladesh (AOB), we have tried to discover what makes Bangladesh such a formidable force in the realm of denim even as we try to find out the prospects and challenges for the country in denim, going forward.


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