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Digitalisation Impact: Industrial sewing machines maker Duerkopp Adler digitising production with its latest innovation

Industry 4.0 revolution is expanding its wings in the apparel manufacturing industry at a pace greater than ever. ...

6 months ago  |  4 mins read

Women matter in tech industry

Although less in number, the passion and knowledge women in tech industry have is no less than men. ...

6 months ago  |  12 mins read

NIFT INDIAsize to take on Indian retail with 3D body scanning

The sizing survey to be conducted by NIFT will use three 3D body scanners. The anthropometric data collected ...

6 months ago  |  10 mins read

Will ‘automation’ lead Bangladesh garment industry to US $ 50 billion mark

Bangladesh’s garment industry taps heavily on Automation to achieve its US $ 50 billion export figure by 2021. ...

4 weeks ago  |  8 mins read

10 Popular Sewing Technology Trends

The global apparel industry is witnessing an outbreak of technological innovations in the sewing process, with the advent ...

4 weeks ago  |  13 mins read

Automation has now become relevant and ‘affordable’

Gone are the days when automation in sewing was considered unaffordable. The rising trend of automation in garment ...

4 weeks ago  |  10 mins read