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The Apparel Story: Will Technology be the Key Driver in Manufacturing?

For the first-time ever, the developed and the developing worlds are using similar platforms, including the Internet, social ...

6 months ago  |  12 mins read

Tech specialist IMA Italy’s Industry 4.0 solutions to ease your cutting room woes

Industry 4.0-enabled cutting room solutions by IMA Italy, a cutting room specialist, will not only help you streamline ...

7 months ago  |  3 mins read

Gerber Technology’s digital solutions supporting apparel makers meet Gen Y demands

Global apparel manufacturers have to be on their toes nowadays to meet the increasing demands of ‘Millennials’ or ...

8 months ago  |  4 mins read

Hirdaramani turns its factory ‘smart’ with RES.Q

RES.Q is an Industry 4.0 enabled quality management system that digitises the inspection data to make it actionable.

2 months ago  |  15 mins read

Bangladesh Fashionology Summit ’18: Automation, smart fashion take centre stage

First international convention on apparel business – Bangladesh Fashionology Summit took place in Dhaka with focus on the ...

2 months ago  |  6 mins read

Will ‘automation’ lead Bangladesh garment industry to US $ 50 billion mark

Bangladesh’s garment industry taps heavily on Automation to achieve its US $ 50 billion export figure by 2021. ...

2 months ago  |  8 mins read