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Fashion is the emerging power-player of Sri Lanka’s new creative economy

Respected around the world for pioneering sustainable manufacturing practices in South Asia, Sri Lankan apparel makers form an ...

2 months ago  |  6 mins read

Is depreciating Indian Rupee benefiting Indian apparel export? Industry stalwarts stand divided

Though a majority of prominent Indian apparel exporters are of the opinion that that depreciated rupee will benefit ...

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Mirsarai EZ is open to investment & here are 6 reasons why you can consider the textile hub

Bangladesh wants to be a high-productivity apparel manufacturing hub with the assurance of top facilities and incentives. Here ...

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Textile manufacturers encourage US to impose additional tariff on Chinese Goods; Retailers nervous of implications

US retailers are worried over ongoing US-China trade-war after Trump administration announced additional tariff. Here’s how it might ...

2 months ago  |  9 mins read

Upcoming general election and its ramifications on the RMG sector

With Bangladesh heading towards general elections soon, there are apprehensions as to its effects on the garment sector.

2 months ago  |  6 mins read

Pressure on banks results in apparel manufacturers bearing the brunt

As banks are not supporting the industry, there are problems galore for apparel manufacturers

2 months ago  |  7 mins read