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‘Continuous Improvement’ is the key to Lectra’s success in Bangladesh

Lectra, together with Aamra Resources (Bangladesh), is playing a huge role in fabric optimization with its solutions for ...

12 months ago  |  5 mins read

The ‘ONLY’ Jeans Automation juggernaut in the world talks about its inception

Very few technology providers can be termed as Product Specific Automation Giants and Vibemac stands superior among those ...

12 months ago  |  11 mins read

Thai Son to relaunch heat sealing technology

In a candid discussion with Team Apparel Online, Chris Walker, Marketing Manager, Thai Son SP Sewing Factory, Vietnam, ...

12 months ago  |  8 mins read

Xcel Stiro joins IIGM to increase market reach

In a highly competitive garment manufacturing industry, where global consumers on one hand are raising the bar in ...

4 weeks ago  |  4 mins read

Tukatech providing complete package of 3D technology and cutting room solutions for the fashion industry

The ever-changing and evolving customers’ demands are intriguing the apparel manufacturing industry to look for solutions to design ...

4 weeks ago  |  4 mins read

Kern-Liebers Textile offers OEM quality needles for single cylinder sock machines

Kern-Liebers Textile has come up with OEM specified high quality needles for machines for the production of socks...

4 weeks ago  |  1 min read