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10 Popular Sewing Technology Trends

The global apparel industry is witnessing an outbreak of technological innovations in the sewing process, with the advent ...

1 year ago  |  13 mins read

Automation has now become relevant and ‘affordable’

Gone are the days when automation in sewing was considered unaffordable. The rising trend of automation in garment ...

1 year ago  |  10 mins read

Bierrebi italia’s new ‘green’ single ply cutter CRYSTAL is a true time-saver!

Forget all gimmicks, here comes CRYSTAL that cuts a suit in 9 minutes.

1 year ago  |  5 mins read

Chinese sewing machinery manufacturers exploring indian market

The future of Indian textile and apparel industry appears promising, buoyed by both strong domestic consumption as well ...

3 years ago  |  13 mins read

Jack targets to capture booming Indian domestic market…

Jack Sewing Machine, a popular brand amongst the Asian apparel manufacturing units, especially the Indian market, has traversed...

3 years ago  |  6 mins read