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    February, 2012

    February 2012| 72 Pages

    The year 2012 brings with it many new expectations and challenges for the garment manufacturing industry. The players are uncertain of investment and also in which areas…? Team StitchWorld talks to a number of technology providers on what according to their experience is the best approach for the industry as the situation stands today… RFID is slowly replacing barcodes, but the technology is proving quite expensive… Besides, Bangladesh has emerged as a major manufacturing destination of garments for the international market, overshooting India’s garment exports. Readunder ‘Tech Talk’ segment… The issue also gives a preview of GTE Fair, happening for the first time in February, in fact a bettertime weather wise than early January and as suchexpects larger visitation, especially from the regions of west and south.This edition gives an exhaustivecoverage to several technologies and IT solutions from someof the best brands around the world.


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