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    August, 2013

    August 2013| 68 Pages

    This indeed is our ‘special issue’ wherein we have our cover story on Sri Lankan expats who have made Bangladesh their karma bhoomi. While on one side the industry is struggling to set the record straight with the two organizations – Accord and Alliance, comprising of a bunch of ‘foreigners’, ‘hounding’ the industry on compliance issues when the records have clearly indicated that less than 3% of the industry is violating safety norms. Among the many expatriates who work in Bangladesh, Sri Lankans are credited for giving the industry benchmark systems and work methodologies to be more organized and productive. We present to our readers 10 Lankan expats who share their story of success exclusively with Team AOB. Demand for high-tech garment is very encouraging, especially in the overseas. Caretex, a decade-old garment exporting company from Bangladesh, is planning it big for future, looking at hi-tech workwear & specialized garments, and also going for own brands. Read the complete story under the ‘Buyer Blog’ segment. Also covered in the issue is Coats Bangladesh Ltd., a one-stop destination for all thread and stitching requirements, charting new territories and moving into the service area as well. Besides the above, articles in Tech Management and Fashion pages, make the magazine more interesting and readable.


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