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    June 2024| 92 Pages

    Our cover story highlights the inspiring resurgence of Sudhir Dhingra, owner of Orient Craft Ltd. The pandemic alongside conflicts with other Orient Craft promoters led to a downturn, bringing the business perilously close to closure and impacting the lives of thousands of associates and suppliers. Today, as the dust settles and the clouds of uncertainty part, Sudhir stands tall as a testament to the power of perseverance and resilience since he has settled all his dues with every stakeholder. In an exclusive interview with AOI, Sudhir shares insights from his nearly five decades in the garment industry, lessons learned, his future plans and his perspectives on advancing the industry.

    In our ‘Start-Up’ column, we feature an interview with Sumit Jasoria, Founder and CEO of NEWME, discussing how brand differentiation is key to capturing investors’ attention. ‘The AO Interview’ shines the spotlight on Amisha Jain, Senior VP and MD of South Asia, Middle East, and Africa at Levi Strauss & Co., dissecting the strategies employed by the brand to grow in the market.

    Our ‘Trends in Focus’ column takes you through the key trends in colour, prints, and patterns for Fall/Winter 2024, highlighting designers’ departure from traditional looks to showcase bold hues of red across various collections. While cherry red maintains its prominence, it now shares the spotlight with burgundy and related red tones, often showcased in sultry silks or luxurious leathers. In ‘Fashion Business,’ we break down the most coveted brands and best-selling products of Q1 2024.

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