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    March 1-15, 2019

    March 2019| 1-15| 104 Pages

    You are all well aware of ASW (Apparel Sourcing Week) to be held on the coming Friday and Saturday (15-16 March 2019) in Bengaluru. This special issue of Apparel Online is also dedicated to the same.

    Stalwarts from the Indian apparel retail industry have shared their experience, observations and suggestions regarding burning issues. We have in-depth coverage that how mutual business between India and Bangladesh will grow in future. An exclusive one-on-one interview with Tipu Munshi, Commerce Minister of Bangladesh, and who is also a stalwart of Dhaka’s apparel industry, is highlight of the issue. Tipu is excited to be at the ASW, consenting to be the Guest of Honour. Not only that, keeping a global view, we have analysed and explored major apparel production across the globe by including Cambodia, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Vietnam. I am sure you will enjoy this special issue which has great variety as usual.

    Right mix of expert speakers/panellists will further share their expert views on these and current burning issues during the various seminars at ASW.


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