Men’s Spring Summer 2020 Trend Mapping With Fashion Snoops

by Anjori Grover Vasesi

22-March-2019  |  7 mins read

S/S ’20 comes up with a continuing appreciation for craft and a new sense of minimalism that is arising through local design, one that actually speaks about a purpose. Sustainability is taking on new forms with plant-based fabrics, and an increase in farm-to-table ingredients found in beauty and health. Younger people are identifying with nontraditional gender labels and our insecurities and imperfections are now seen as beautiful uniquenesses.

Visions of a virtual world become more ingrained in our daily life and the futuristic advancements challenge our subconscious capacities, hence giving this season an identifying name ‘Futuristic’. Advancements in technology give us clearer insight into the beginning of time, as we continue to reveal hidden secrets and treasures of the world. Designers like Axel Vervoordt reflect the elemental aesthetic of the trend as we merge ancient antiquities with modern minimalism.

Embracing the past, it can be seen that the pulsating excitement of the 1980s influences a modern-day look that’s all about amplified colour, sensual movement and fluid culture. A slew of today’s designers show how the toughness of the streets can inspire a surprising level of softness and femininity.

Pulling references from the ancient elements and modern biotechnology, the most innovative of material balance both the past and the present, also keeping sustainability as the end result. As a result, we see raw fibres, plant-based dyes, brushed and naped earthy knits take precedence.

Vintage fabrications are enhanced by simplified and innovative processes, where suiting takes a more plush approach while cotton takes a more crisp approach and meshes take a more dynamic approach.
This vision of S/S ’20 is not only easy to reach but is also beautifully rooted in reality. The strong contrasts of the decade mean luxury and grit co-exist in a place that is as exciting as it is edgy.

After several seasons of all-American classics and wholesome styling, the man in Bright City escapes from the suburbs for a pulsating new world that’s all about prestige and opulence. What is aspiration in 2020?

Perhaps it is a mix of being able to be expressive in your own skin, while neon injections of big city excitement push you to the next interesting experience. His vibe is maximum urbane energy while he explores downtown art galleries and glitzy nightclubs on the edge of the town. A little bit of old-school luxe enters the equation with a renewed appreciation for Cadillacs, early Armani and novels by Tom Wolfe and Bret Easton Ellis. In fact, men are having fun with tailored clothing again, reinterpreting the power suit in ways that are sporty and professional at once.


  • Updated Crepe Suiting
  • Black Rinsed Denim
  • Stretch Poplin
  • Sci-Fi Synthetics
  • Spongy Leather
  • Tailored Satin
  • Superfine Worsted Wool


  • Wide Lapel
  • Photoreal Appliqué
  • Unexpected Cut-outs
  • Pieced Construction
  • Pyjama Pipings
  • Monogram Patches
  • Bold Hems

He’s a modern day creative who appreciates the past and future equally. This new crop of inventors rely on not just art and craftsmanship, but also on technology and innovation to make a difference in the world. Who is the creator in today’s fast-moving world of change? Imagine a tomorrow that features the rawness and simplicity of a pre-historic time fused with a mixture of sci-fi fantasy and steam punk edge.

Operandi is someone’s mode of working, and for S/S ’20, we’re focused on how to make utility look more refined and seamless. Rugged, time-honoured uniforms get a new life with refined surfaces; smarter fabrics that work harder; subtler functions as embellishment; and the inclusion of tailored shapes with outdoor-ready styling.


  • Rustic Tech
  • Over Dyed Denim
  • Windowpane Linen
  • Speckled Twill Textured Leather
  • Puckered Cotton Blend
  • Tissue Weight Nylon
  • Gauzy Textured Leather


  • Convertible Silhouettes
  • Pieced Construction
  • Natural Embellishment
  • Decorative Utility
  • Artistic Patches
  • Asymmetric Patches

In a world that’s the hyper-surreal opposite of ours, he’s a modern day Hunter S. Thompson who leaves the confines of middle America and takes a psychedelic journey to the shores of Hawaii where he joins an eco-commune. It’s about the sweetness of wholesome classics being smoked with the weirdness of 1960s surf tribes. Things are never what they seem in this reverse dimension, where colours are bursting beyond reality, aloha florals seem to virtually grow from nowhere, and surfaces are basic, but also vacation-ready. It’s the end of aggressive attitude and soulless design, and the beginning of a new era of positive vibes, maximum love and erupting joy.


  • Summer Crepe
  • Rainbow Pvc
  • Irregular Slubs
  • Tissue Nylon
  • Tie Dyed Poplin
  • Deconstructed Open Work
  • Printed Leather


  • Nature Needlepoint
  • Colour-Blocked Kangaroo Pocket
  • Cuban Collar
  • Weird Piecing
  • Playful Pockets
  • Fanny Pack Pocket
  • Statement Pull

Deep in the hills of Italy are a group of friends whose soul focus for summer is frivolity and fun, flirting along the long, hazy days and the dreamy spell that youth casts on us. They’ve gathered at a formerly crumbling villa that’s been given new life with an ultra-modern facelift. It’s a new wave romance for the ages, filled with languid days by the water, barely there layers of clothing, breezy classics that have been sun-bleached by the long days, ripe fruit, and an overall sense of optimism and vitality.


  • Raw Sweater Knits
  • Flocked Poplin
  • Super Sheer
  • Painted Broadcloth
  • Sporty Open Work
  • Bleached Denim
  • Delicate Seersucker


  • Unfinished Edges
  • Unexpected Drawstring
  • Neckerchief Tie
  • Garden Embroidery
  • Contrast Collar
  • Layered Neck
  • Paperbag Waist

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