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    October 1-15, 2018

    October 2018| 1-15| 60 Pages

    This issue of Apparel Online highlights how the exporters of Delhi-NCR, despite being the most expensive garment manufacturing hub of India, are making their ends meet. Facing stiff competition, the export industry, recognised for their strength in womenswear and wide value addition options in fashion garments, is exploring domestic markets too to tide over the lean period. The region is still known for embroidery, prints, sequin work and other value-added techniques.

    In early 1990s, when Wilcom entered the Indian market, the embroidery industry was overwhelmingly export-focused. Being an integral part of apparel manufacturing, the embroidery industry is dominated by Tajima, Barudan, ZSK and SWF, with a large number of Chinese machines still ruling the Indian market. In fact with the arrival of Chinese machines in the Indian market, the embroidery business became a mass production industry, especially for the new and emerging middle-class. All these machines are considered robust and long-lasting, producing high quality embroidery.


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