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    June 2023

    June 2023| 80 Pages

    The June issue of Apparel Online India magazine includes an extensive Cover Story covering India’s evolving fashion labels and brands that are carving a niche for themselves through craftsmanship, diversity, innovation and sustainability. By introducing more affordable collections and incorporating sustainable practices throughout their supply chain, these designers and labels strive to make fashion a force for positive change while staying true to their core values of social responsibility.

    This issue also contains an in-depth article exploring the various effective solutions through which emerging D2C brands can overcome sourcing challenges related to knowledge, product specification, network and scale of business. The number of overall D2C brands in India is likely to increase to 200,000 to 250,000 in 2025. Most of the emerging D2C brands have smaller production batches and believe in nearshoring, while for many, the focus is on organic/eco-friendly fabric, recycled or other such options that add value and make them the customers’ favourite.

    Various stakeholders have shared their experience in this regard, suggesting ways through which D2C brands can successfully sail through the sourcing crisis.

    Besides, there are many other interesting stories that will keep you hooked till the end such as the several Indian fashion start-ups that are evolving and experts’ views on how these can flourish in the country.


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