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    February 2023

    February 2023| 80 Pages

    Moving towards the end of the current financial year, the overall market sentiment is positive with the recently announced budget also being a growth-oriented one.

    Keeping in view the growth of the Indian apparel industry as our core agenda, we at Apparel Online, are continuously sharing in-depth analysis about new opportunities in the textile and apparel industry.

    Lingerie is also one such opportunity segment as Indian lingerie market which was around US $ 4.2 billion in 2020, is expected to reach US $ 12 billion by 2026. This evolving market segment has been covered comprehensively in this edition, both from the retailers’ as well as the manufacturers’ aspects.

    With a female population of at least 450 million in the age group of 15-64 (15 years is the average age to start wearing a bra), increasing urbanisation, growing number of working women, more awareness about fitness, growing fashion element in bra, ease of online buying, this segment is developing rapidly and can certainly be another area of growth for bra companies.

    This issue also includes articles on Payment Dispute Settlement, Unified Commerce, Companies Focusing And Growing In Protech, E-textiles Enabled Wearables For Healthcare and much more.


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