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    August 2022

    August 2022| 84 Pages

    After a very successful 2nd edition of ‘Apparel Sourcing Week’, Team Apparel Resources is charged up to continue supporting the apparel industry through specially curated content – something that we have never stopped doing for over three decades.

    This issue contains the summary of ASW 2022, brands and retailers’ thrust on reinvention of their business strategies, foray of overseas brands in India, technology push to Indian fashion brands, industry’s focus on sustainable initiatives, start-ups which are making strong presence in performancewear and more such topics of industry’s interest.

    The August edition also hails the Tirupur model, as stated by Textile Minister Piyush Goyal and includes a detailed article on how to mitigate risk in sourcing, a topic that was discussed by sourcing stalwarts during ASW 2022.

    We have also covered leading thread manufacturer Coats that reveals in an exclusive interview with us how it is future-proofing for innovation and sustainability. Apart from Coats, the company that has been extensively talked about is Intertek that understands the industry requirements and invests in bespoke service innovations.


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    Article From This Issue

    • ASW 2022 concludes on a new high with the promise of serving the industry through more such shows. Curated on the building blocks of Opportunity, Knowledge, Inspiration and Networking, the second edition of ASW has been a massive success, giving the industry a new direction in sync with the changing dynamics.

    • While visiting Tirupur, at first sight, the city seems like any other city in India but when one digs deep into its apparel industry, there are many such things which are not so common in other Indian apparel manufacturing hubs. It is the combination of strong infrastructure, local entrepreneurs’ skills, local business leaders and supportive State Government policies that over the years have ensured the consistent growth of Tirupur.

    • As per Maximize Market Research India’s report, the sports apparel market valued US $ 3,011.91 million in 2019 and is expected to reach US $ 5,494.61 million by 2027, growing at a CAGR of 7.80 per cent during the forecast period. This has led to the thrust on performancewear segment.

    • Traditionally, sustainability was always believed to be a combination of 4Rs – Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recover, while, as clarity on sustainability is increasing amongst the industry stakeholders, it’s become 4R+1U where U represents upcycling that’s an important pillar of sustainable framework. And this is a concept the millennials have already started using, as says Instagram hashtag #upcycling that has over 4.40 million posts.