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    January 2024

    January 2024| 68 Pages

    We are pleased to present the inaugural 2024 edition of Apparel Online Bangladesh, where industry experts offer valuable insights into the year ahead. We have encapsulated the success journey of apparel manufacturers in 2023 and the myriad of challenges which were faced by them including energy crunch, currency depreciation and dollar shortage. Our Cover Story spotlights the high positivity predicted for Bangladesh’s RMG trade this year, along with providing a rundown on the key manufacturing trends that are set to define 2024.

    The January issue of AOB also brings for you an exclusive coverage of our interview with none than the President of BGMEA, Faruque Hassan, encompassing his demanding journey right from the slow recovery from Covid to the recent minimum wage hike. Don’t miss his valuable foresight on the future of Bangladesh garment industry!

    Our Exporter Profile column unravels the growth journey of Armana Group boasting an impressive annual turnover of US $ 250 miliion and Evince Group which is amongst the few vertically integrated companies of Bangladesh with a production capacity of 1.8 million pieces of garments per annum.

    Further, the issue forecasts Fall/Winter 2025 trends and explores the convergence of fashion and technology. The democratisation of AI prompts discussions on ethical considerations, privacy and responsible deployment.

    The issue even features an interview with Lectra’s Chief Strategy Officer, discussing the future of on-demand manufacturing and technological advancements simplifying production planning and saving time.


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