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    As we come to the end of another eventful year, it is obvious that the various disruptions that have plagued the industry have impacted the industry in telling ways. However, the overall buzz is that the business is definitely back on track and many companies along the supply chain have witnessed growth. But then there are many others who have had a very difficult two years in a row, yet

    encouragingly a majority of them are positive of a better business year in 2022. The only uncertainty that could really rock the boat is the new variant of the virus that is currently causing

    havoc in Europe and the US. Read what industry has to say on the year gone by and expectation in 2022…

    It is heartening to see that in the recent days, many companies have come up with good news like expansion, timely execution of expansion plans as well as the announcement of new investments. All these show that the industry is upbeat and on the right track and going forward also, there are

    positive signs that these expansions will continue in future. As usual, Tamil Nadu is leading as in these investments, it has a major share. AO presents an update on more than 10 companies that have started operations or have announced their expansion plans.


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