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    Apparel Resources, all these months, has been maintaining its stand that Omicron will have a short-lived impact on the apparel industry. The latest wave of the virus has failed to break the optimism that prevails in the industry and it is indeed praiseworthy how the apparel industry is taking this new variant in its stride. Anyone we talk to, be it an exporter or a buyer, is prepared for challenges and is willing to follow all protocols to keep their people safe, while continuing to run their businesses. The reality is that the mood in the industry is only reflecting the mindset of the world which is tired of the restrictions and wants to break free from lockdowns and constraints to get back to living a life that they can relate to.

    It is encouraging that the same companies which were not ready to risk opening establishments in the early stages of the pandemic are now geared up to cater to orders that are there for anybody to grab. Apart from this, they are showing signs of strong resilience despite few of the biggest fashion supply chain issues such as port congestion, high raw material cost, and lack of required skills for expanding capacities still creating hurdles.

    The Government needs to be applauded for the efforts that it has made in the field of vaccination and, as we are writing this letter, India has successfully administered over 171 million vaccination doses which is a milestone in true sense. This number implies that this proactive measure has kept the apparel industry on its toes and nowhere was it felt in recent weeks that India’s manufacturing businesses are dwindling due to fresh variant.

    This edition talks about business positivity at length and, across slugs, the articles include views of the industry stakeholders that signal towards their preparedness for a robust growth this year.


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