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    Since the onset of the pandemic, we have been talking about the surge in lingerie market however, what is notable is that the men’s innerwear category is now booming with innovation and

    sustainability at the leading position. Innerwear is no longer a basic need but has evolved to offer comfort, intimacy and has basically become an extension of a person’s personality and today’s young consumers are looking more for innovative innerwear by brands that embrace relatable

    aesthetics, body positivity and authenticity.…Read in detail on the directions!

    Work from Home (WFH) has mixed experience for the buying professionals and though it was a saviour during the lockdown period, but now when there is no lockdown and vaccination is in full

    swing, nearly all the buying houses and liaison offices have opened offices, and a majority of the buying community don’t see WFH as a very feasible option in the long term. Yes, hybrid model/

    flexible working is something a chunk of buying/liaison offices are working on or exploring.. There is so much more to look forward to in the latest issue of AO.


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