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    December 1-15, 2018

    December 2018| 60 Pages

    Putting up a garment factory outside the country is not a new phenomenon as some of the Indian garment manufacturers/exporters already have their production units overseas. Of recent this is becoming a trend and many more companies are going beyond borders. Apparel Online explores the factors lucrative for these companies to invest in various countries, like Jordan and Indonesia…

    The textile value chain has been under great stress since last few years. Highlighting these problems and giving best solutions for this sector, was the main agenda of the Global Textiles Conclave (GTC) 2018. The biggest ever conclave till date for the Indian textile and apparel industry, was part of The Confederation of Indian Textile Industry’s (CITI) diamond jubilee celebration.

    Keeping stride with the Indian apparel retail industry, witnessing a strong inclination towards fast fashion, retail brands are replenishing their collections in stores several times a year in order to make the customers visit the stores very frequently. Blackberrys, a fashion connoisseur for men, has executed this quite well.


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