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    July, 16-31, 2018

    July 2018| 16-31| 60 Pages

    Indian textile and apparel industry has been repeatedly targeted time and again by various NGOs, or what the international media calls them ‘watchdog agencies’ on labour rights’ violations in garment manufacturing countries. Apparel Online was ‘unconvinced’ about the findings of these recent reports and contacted the companies mentioned for direct clarification. As usual, the feedback received was of disbelief and anger against the intention of the report…, an indication of how NGOs are systematically ruining the reputation of exporters in general, and India in particular.

    Despite challenges of language, logistics and duty on domestic consumption, some of the Indian denim mills have registered growth in exports to Vietnam. Team AO which was recently at the denimsandjeans event in the country explored these initiatives. The recently signed CPTPP and expected FTA with EU, further add a bright prospect to the growth of exports from Vietnam which may be a good opportunity for Indian textile companies exploring Vietnam.


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