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    Entrepreneurship is about building patience, resilience, partnership, trust and effective communication and so is a relationship. In that sense, entering into a business with a life partner seems like the best choice for an entrepreneur. And even as this age-old cliché suggests that one should not mix business with pleasure, a number of couple-preneurs are thriving, creating extraordinary businesses and are balancing the professional and personal life with utmost ease. While the concept is not new, it has recently become a trend that’s on the rise and there are a number of power couples emerging in various segments who are beating the odds and successfully running a business together. AO share 5 such successful stories…

    Moving towards a demand-centric future, now sourcing is much more than the perfect combination of suppliers, compliance, operational excellence, product development, cost efficiency, sustainability, CSR and shared vision. Now, agility and flexibility are very much required and are more relevant now than ever before and it’s time for Indian exporters to think for themselves and to represent as strategic partners or preferred suppliers, and not just suppliers who are purely transactional. Stalwarts of Indian sourcing domain shared their insights for Indian exporters at a panel discussion during a two-day conference forum at the Apparel Sourcing Week (ASW) Marketplace.


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