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    Ever since US President Donald Trump pulled his country from Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), there was a speculation that the Vietnamese economy in general and apparel trade in particular would be hugely impacted. But that was not to happen as the country came out unscathed, and the 12-nation TPP, became CPTPP of 11 nations, minus the US. Speaking to Apparel Online, some industry experts give their view on the trade impacts the country would undergo in times to come.

    After Turkey and Ethiopia, Russia has emerged as the hottest destination for exporters in the last few years. Vietnam which had signed a free trade agreement (FTA) with Russia-led Eurasian Union (EU) way back in October 2016, led to Russian buyers moving their production from China to Vietnam. Maximum Sourcing, a design-to-delivery garment supplier, is successfully dealing with the Russian buyers today and exporting 85 to 90 per cent to Russia.

    Some companies are committed to sustainability and innovation and follow the same with austerity. It is this promise that has enabled Prosperity Textile, the elegant denim manufacturer, to deliver cleaner and better denim fabrics since the last two decades. The issue also gives coverage to Dong-IL Interlining, a Korean company – the largest woven fusible and non-fusible interlining manufacturer and exporter in Vietnam.


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