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    January, 2018

    January 2018| 44 Pages

    A reflection on the industry has been covered under column ‘Editor-in-Chief’s Desk’. Over the course of last 18 months, Team AO talked to several key players of the industry ranging from leading thread suppliers and garment manufacturers to the best among the best in the field of technology, ‘Industry Views’ covers it all…

    The year 2017 saw AO not only doing well, but also managing to create a place of its own in the industry – a reason good enough to come up with our yearly round-up issue. ‘Perspectives 2017’ discusses the most noted trends and views…

    With the outburst of Industry 4.0, the apparel industry is witnessing the outbreak of innovations in sewing process. Our ‘Tech Management’ section covers ‘Popular 10 technology trends in sewing machine’.


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