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24-June-2019  |  3 mins read

BODENGet an informative and interesting insight into Boden suppliers! Boden, a British clothing retailer selling primarily online and by mail order and catalogue into countries like UK, US, Germany and Australia, mainly offers womenswear, menswear and kidswear.

2018 saw the British retailer make a turnover of £347.1 million at an impressive 13 per cent growth.

Following sustainability in true manners, the company has its supplier list on public domain.  As per this list (of December 2018), the brand is sourcing totally from 151 factories of 17 countries.

Interestingly, it works with big factories having around 2,800 workers as well as factories less than 10 workers. Vietnam-based Dong Hung Industrial Joint Stock Company is the biggest supplier of the company as it has 2,850 workers, whereas UK-based Norman Walsh Footwear seems to be the smallest unit with just 9 workers.

Across the globe, 6 of its suppliers have factories of more than 2,000 workers but none of them is from India.

Overall, the company is sourcing from 16 countries excluding a major hub like Bangladesh. All 5 Sri Lanka-based suppliers of the company have more than 70 per cent female workers.

Notably, it is working with a total of 66 factories in China (largest sourcing destination for the brand) of which 16 factories even have less than 100 workers, Besides, there are 6 factories that have less than 50 workers.

There is only one supplier in Cambodia (Grace Glory Garments) but that has 2,450 workers and impressively it has 90 per cent female workers.

As far as India is concerned, it sources apparels and shoes from 20 suppliers across 10 hubs. With the worker strength of 914, the biggest supplier of the company in India is Mira Exim, Noida while Dalcon Accessories, Delhi has the worker strength of just 15.

Out of these 20 suppliers, 8 has even less than 10 per cent female workers. Mira Exim, Noida; Sunlord, Noida and Centex Fabric Export, have 91 per cent male workers in their unit. Rest 5 are shoe suppliers and they are completely male-dominated as far as worker strength is concerned.

As far as the product category is concerned, the company is majorly sourcing womenswear and MINI (kidswear).

“We select our suppliers and factories around the world based on their expertise, workmanship and attention to detail. We consider these suppliers as partners and, where we can cultivate long-term relationships that support the delivery of beautiful clothes for our customers. Transparency and traceability are principles that we believe go together,” The company says on its website.

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