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Fashion brand IZ Adaptive for disabled adults announces relaunch

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

13-June-2018  |  2 mins read

IZ Adaptive
Image Courtesy: izzycamilleri.com

IZ Adaptive, the apparel maker for physically disabled adults, is coming back to business in September 2018.

The ready-to-wear maker of fashion clothing has entered an alliance with popular online retailer Zappo to sell the latest line, making it the first such player to add the label to their portfolio.

IZ Adaptive was launched in 2009 by Canadian designer Izzy Camilleri who used to design runway couture and closed doors to customers in 2016. Camilleri is now relaunching at a more accessible pricing with a wider variety in terms of product offering.

There will be 55 pieces in total that comprise of styles like tees, denim and jackets across men’s, women’s and un-gender categories. The retail pricing begins at US $ 25 for a plain t-shirt to US $ 425 for a full men’s suit set.

The assortment is designed for both wheel chair users and ambulated people and features utility properties like magnetic closures, pull tabs on zippers and pants, elastic waist bands and open back tops.

CEO and Founder of the label Camilleri explained, “We’ll be introducing the brand to a new group of people who will benefit from the adaptive features, while continuing to serve our original audience, which was exclusively wheelchair users. Strategic partnerships with retailers will support our mission to provide accessible fashion to as many people as possible on a global scale.”

Adaptive clothing is going through a great period of intervention with major brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Target, Nike and Under Armour launching their own assortments within the sphere.

Further, with more than one billion people living with a disability (estimated by World Health Organization), the scope for brands to explore looks massive in this niche.