Avery Dennison – Speeding up High Quality Data Transmission on Labels

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01-May-2009  |  4 mins read

The Snap 700 is a multi-use labelling machine
       The Snap 700 is a multi-use labelling machine

Talking about apparel means also talking about speed in time to market. When the market for sourcing, production and selling consists of the whole world, global consistency of information is getting important. This consistency means on one hand quality of fabric and colours, on the other hand quality of the data. Avery Dennison, a world leader of label printing machines, focuses on the quality of data.

Global players take care, that all in-garment labels look and feel alike and that the information given on the labels is consistent and identical. “The solution is single sourcing,” said Mike Brown, Market Development Manager, Desk Top Machines at Avery Dennison.

Avery Dennison, supplier of a large variety of label printing machines, offers a new internet-based system. Mike Brown explains the process further, “The data is sent by direct connection from the source to the printing machine at any place of the world, at any time, just in time. In this way, the data cannot be altered by mistake or bad will.” The in-plant printing concept includes technical support, a defined consumables range and the machines, all provided by Avery Dennison. Besides, Avery Dennison provides platforms for the business processes by retailers, brands and suppliers or manufacturers.

New Products for a Fast Production of Labels

Recycled polyester tapes could be used on any type of garment
Recycled polyester tapes could be used on any type of garment

The SNAP 700 is described as an easily operated, reliable and economical printer which produces a wide variety of apparel and retail tags, labels and tickets.

A two-side printer benefiting from a 127 mm X 5” wide print capability, and near edge print head technology, the SNAP 700 allows high speed ticket and sticker printing at 12 ips or 300 mm per second (when using the correct ink). With voice-assisted operation and maintenance prompts in seven languages (add more by mpeg-files); the SNAP 700 supports print production in all major apparel producing regions.

The Avery Dennison SNAP 700 is also available with RFID technology.

Mike Brown, Avery Dennison
                       Mike Brown, Avery Dennison

The Model HS70 TRR is an automatic roll-to-roll heat transfer bonder designed for a wide range of roll transfer applications. This model loads readily, uses an easy-set electric eye for label registration and works rapidly for highly efficient and productive garment labelling. The speed of operation is dependent on the quality of the heat transfers and fabric in use and how quickly the next garment can be loaded. In order to improve the throughput, the HS70 TRR uses a dual heat system, applying heat to the top and bottom of the application thus reducing seal time.

Green Products

Avery Dennison’s new 3002T recycled polyester woven-edge satin tape is a choice for brands and retailers who are conscious of their environmental impact. This polyester woven-edge satin tape is made from yarn derived from recycled plastic bottles and can be used in a variety of applications, from baby-wear to outerwear. It is a two-sided satin tape, which combines sustainability with premium label performance. These labels offer superior quality, are soft to the touch and durable through domestic wash processes.

The latest ECO Stretch Transfers are 100% water-based, PVC free and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Product Class One approved. These labels are therefore suitable for a wide range of skin contact applications.


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