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    After the protracted lockdown of last year, which brought in its wake mass order cancellations, payment default, export debacle and workers’ retrenchment that have many garment makers reeling from its impact still, industry heaves a sigh of relief as Bangladesh Government allows factories to resume operations, ending a brief yet tense period rife with speculations. The concern of the garment manufacturers is very much understandable considering the fact that of the total apparel items shipped from Bangladesh, 40 per cent are shipped in July and August and garment shipment would have suffered a serious setback if production remained suspended in July and August as it is the prime season for apparel manufacturers since sales rise in the Western market on account of ensuing winter and Christmas. Read a detailed report on the crisis!

    According to the country’s Export Promotion Bureau (EPB), Bangladesh’s export to the SAARC nations ballooned to US $ 1.49 billion in FY 2020-21, up by 88.03 per cent from what was US $ 797.69 million five years back in FY 2016 even if due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Bangladesh’s earnings from exports to the South Asian nations reportedly took a hit in FY 2020 before reviving in FY 2021, when Bangladesh’s earnings from export to SAARC countries reached US $ 1.49 billion, as per the EPB data. The analysis is a must read…


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