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    April, 1-15, 2018

    April 2018| 1-15| 60 Pages

    Ludhiana is changing its dynamics with expansions and diversifications all around. Most of the companies which were earlier purely into domestic, have now put the export market on their radar, and as such, are adding new product categories, adopting lean tools and going for automation. Team Apparel Online met many apparel manufacturers to understand the undercurrent of the industry.

    There is a serious need to empower women in factories, especially the garment factories in India. Focusing on the same, Walmart Foundation and Swasti Health Catalyst, India in their joint effort are supporting ‘Women in Factories’ (WiF) programme – an intervention to educate women workers using life skills training approach. Under this initiative in India, more than 26,000 workers, nearly 80 per cent from garment factories alone have been trained since 2011.

    The issue also highlights two textile giants… Reliance Industries, maintaining its No. 1 position till date not only on size, but innovation also, has recently released R|Elan™ – the speciality fabric. The new fabric has already found recognition with fashion retailers.

    Arvind Ltd. in its annual event ‘Arvind FESTIVE 2018’, apart from displaying their first-time collections – E-Indigo, Boomerang 360*, Boomerang Bounce, Chrome Cord and Hybrid Chinos, highlighted the traditional craft ikat denim – a new offering, done very fashionably.


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