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    When the whole world is at the crossroads of Coronavirus crisis and changing the lifestyle of people, Bangladesh is no different. Even though the Government has announced a Coronavirus bailout package of Taka 50 billion – with most funds going to the readymade garment industry, insiders believe the amount is just not enough to serve the purpose. Meanwhile, many manufacturers have even joined hands to help the Government in its fight against Covid-19 by manufacturing PPE kits for the frontline warriors, like the doctors and the paramedics. Some stakeholders share their views and opinions with Team AOB and how they foresee the business of apparel manufacturing.

    With the number of active Covid-19 cases increasing amidst fears of possibility of community level transmission, the extension of lockdown to April 25 by the Government has not only impacted the apparel exporters of the country, but also the fabric and accessory manufacturers who play a vital role in providing raw materials to the garment exporters and the readymade garment industry. Meanwhile, popular fashion retailer H&M, supporting Bangladesh Government’s Water Valuation Study, has come up with its latest sustainability report which shows that H&M uses 97 per cent recycled or other sustainably sourced cotton and will not source conventional cotton for collections from 2020 onwards.


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