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    Year 2019 had been a testing one for the Bangladesh industry with falling business profitability, wage increase, increased competition from other manufacturing hubs, skyrocketing interest rates, global economic slowdown, liquidity crisis, to mention some. The apparel sector, irrespective of its 83 per cent contribution to the export earnings resulted in the export receipts taking a hit by marking a 7.74 per cent Y-o-Y decline. Amidst challenges and shutting down of 60 apparel units (from Jan. to Oct.), the good news came that 58 new units have come up in the same period, of which many have begun production. Putting behind these reversals for good, Team AOB interacted with the industry insiders and experts to understand what would be the key directions and focus areas going forward.

    Meanwhile, a renowned name not just in Chittagong, but also in the country’s business circle as a whole, the three-decade old BSA Group – with interests in readymade garments, shipping, trading, shares and securities and packaging, is ready to give reins to their next generation. Nafid Nabi, the young and dynamic Director of the company details out his vision and plans, for the changing times ahead, with Team AOB in an exclusive interview.


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