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    Businesses have been hit hard across industries and fashion brands, in particular, have been the worst hit with sales falling over 70 per cent with fear of further decline post lockdown period, as majority of retail brands prepare to open physical stores in a structured manner. The most damaging effect of the pandemic and subsequent lockdown is the unsold inventory at apparel retail brands, raising fear of uncertainty on the retail business. But as it goes ‘every dark cloud has a silver lining’, in this pandemic situation domestic manufacturers of products like basic tunics, nightwear, lingerie, undergarments and socks, don’t see this pandemic as a problem, and are receiving good client support.

    Meanwhile, India is heading toward big labour reforms, like equal minimum wage across the country, allowing women to work in night shifts and changes in rules regarding gratuity, etc. as the Union Finance Minister Nirmala Sitharaman announced that the Government is working in this regard. Though none of the trade bodies of the textile and apparel industry have reacted officially so far, the industry is happy with these steps.

    Apparel Resources held its much-appreciated webinar – ‘The Challenges of Making PPE: Body Coverall’ – highlighting the proper technology, its perfect usage and quality raw materials which are the key parameters to produce quality PPE kit, making the magazine worth reading.


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