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    December, 16-31 2019

    December 2019| 16-31| 88 Pages

    Doing justice to the various influences that impacted the industry in year 2019 is not easy to pen down in this last issue of Apparel Online. The exercise becomes even more difficult when the year itself had been a challenging one for them. Team AOI tries to recompile the major happenings that stimulated change in the industry by closely studying the trends and changes that were impactful, many of which though will continue into the coming New Year. One thing that came out quite strongly is that the fashion business is changing fast and anyone in the supply chain, who refuses to accept the change, may have to exit from business.

    At a time when the industry is struggling on costing and the buyers are asking for specific parameters, it is important for all stakeholders of the textile and apparel industry to be cost-competitive. But does remaining compliant as well as sustainable really help as some are of the view that building a conscious, competitive and compliant textiles’ value chain adds to the costing, while others believe that in the long run, it makes the individual more economical. AO debates with some leading industry experts…


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