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Shima Seiki to exhibit glove knitting technology at ‘A+A 2017’

by appareleditor

11 months ago  |  1 min   read

Image Courtesy: knittingindustry.com

Shima Seiki (Japan) is set to participate in ‘A+A 2017’ international trade fair scheduled to be held from October 17-20, 2017 in Düsseldorf, Germany. The theme of the fair is the ‘Safety, Security and Health at Work’.

The Japanese pioneer in computerised flat knitting technology will offer its latest machines for light- and heavy-duty applications such as gloves, medical, safety and sports.

During the exhibition, Shima Seiki will display its 5-gauge version of SWG-N2 series WHOLEGARMENT knitting machine. The machine is said to knit products such as ultra-fine gauge gloves, caps, balaclavas, lining for headgear, leggings, footwear and various joint supports.

The machine knits the products in one go, eliminating the need of repetitive sewing.

Shima Seiki will also display its new glove knitting machine which features 21-gauge knitting needles.

Additionally, the machine incorporates a belt-driven carriage technology, a removable needle selection drum and a new control unit to improve productivity.

An updated SDS-ONE APEX 3D design system will be another Shima Seiki innovation at the exhibition. The system will demonstrate its key role in WHOLEGARMENT production.

APEX3’s Ultra-realistic simulation capability allows Virtual Sampling in order to minimize the time consumption in sample making process.

Shima Seiki can be visited in Hall 9, Booth F10 during the fair.