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Lectra hosts ‘Technology Day’ to update its Indian customers on latest innovations

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

6 months ago  |  3 mins   read

Lectra Cutting Room
Image Courtesy: texdata.com

‘India Technology Day’ was recently organised by Lectra, the technological partner for companies using fabrics and leather, at Cestas, Bordeaux (France). The event was held at the company’s International Advanced Technology Center (IATC), dedicated to industry professionals to help them explore and experiment with new technological innovations.

The likes of Richard D Souza, Director, First Step Baby Wear; Dhanabal Chinnathambi, Factory Head, SCM Garments; Niklank Jain, VP, Orient Craft; and Md. Mukhtar, Director, White House participated in the event, which served as a platform for apparel exporters and mass manufacturers to understand the changing needs of the market by using the right technology in developing a product and optimising their collaboration via ‘Connected Development’.

At the event, Lectra’s experts specifically focussed on ‘Connected Development’ which allows companies to involve team members and work with them on a common platform, sharing data in real-time for specific styles, products and collections.

The important team members involved in the product development stage are pattern makers, product developers, cost & margin specialist and marker makers.

Additionally, Lectra made live demonstration of its upcoming cutting room solutions that will help transform production processes using the Industry 4.0 principles. The new cutting solutions will debut in the next few months, as said at the event.

Exporters and manufacturers were also updated about the strong support services and quick response time that Lectra is able to offer to Indian clients with its local call centre in Bengaluru, centralised zone-wise call centres and service team located at Bordeaux, France.

The participants also explored Lectra’s Manufacturing Facility in a ‘Lean’ environment, to understand the working of various machines offered by the company to increase the output. During the tour, they realised various KPI’s are monitored, reviewed and analysed to create efficient cutting solutions.

Ruchir Shankar, Account Manager, Lectra India suggests Indian manufactures stay ready for the new challenges and meet their objectives in the current business scenario to be ahead in the global market. And Lectra’s latest solutions can help them perform better.

All-in-all, the even was quite informative for the participants to understand the latest innovations the company has to offer.