Thai garment workers illegally underpaid!

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06-September-2019  |  2 mins read

Thai garment workers
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What do you do when you find several garment workers do not even receive wage slips at work? To say one is shocked is to say the least!

Reportedly, when 26 garment workers employed at 4 garment factories in Thailand were recently interviewed, it was a shocker to discover that all of them were paid much less than daily minimum wage (310 Thai baht or US $ 10.14).

Notably, all these workers were migrants from Myanmar.

These factories, where these workers were employed, are located in Mae Sot, in the western part of Thailand and borders Myanmar.

While most of the workers did not even receive wage slips at work, those payslips that were gathered were distinctly indicative of unlawful underpayment.

And, noticeably, all these factories work for reputed brands like Bauer Hockey Inc. (sports gearmaker) and even Starbucks (Coffee bigwig).

Starbucks has ordered investigation into the findings and Bauer has also asked its supplier to look into the matter. Both the brands said that they are committed to compliance and will ensure that necessary action is taken.

And now the Government is also plannning to send a team to inspect garment factories in Mae Sot. “We have to admit that Mae Sot is a ‘black hole’ as there are many garment factories that are extremely difficult to inspect,” substantiated Somboon Trisilanun, Deputy Director General, Thai Department of Labor Protection and Welfare.

The MAP Foundation, which is a non-profit organisation, said that of the garment factories in Mae Sot, only a half a dozen paid minimum wages and many workers do not even complain because of the fear of losing their jobs.

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