Indore’s Pahun Industries looks forward to massive expansion

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

11-March-2019  |  2 mins read

Pahun Industries

In what is close to unbelievable, a company in Indore that currently has 56 stitching machines, is going to take the number to 2000 in next two years!

Harsh Jain, CEO, Pahun Industries, Indore seems confident of his planning for the massive expansion.

“We are going by franchise model (like Oyo). We will approach unbranded showrooms and make sure to provide them franchise on zero inventory cost. In this procedure, they have to invest less. Secondary, as of now they have to place order in all sizes which enhance their dead stock, but in our case it will not be the same. Despite that if they are left with any stock, they will take back the same against order for next season. By resizing the remaining stock, we will consume it in the market and speed up our ROI,” claimed Harsh, who is a Mechanical Engineer and a comparatively new entrepreneur.

On the manufacturing front, he claimed that his workers are making products three times more as compared to any other worker as they receive payment on operation basis. And in this system, he does not need to have managers on workers, which saves cost.  Along with that, he has a unique scheme in which an operator of the company pays Rs. 5 per hour to the company which is for the machine maintenance, etc.

The company is manufacturing a variety of products, and is catering mainly to domestic markets. “I am planning to install machines from Jack as they are cost-effective and have a good name for quality too,” Harsh concluded.

The software for shopfloor monitoring is available in market at a heavy price, but we have developed our own app and saved huge money.” – Harsh Jain, CEO, Pahun Industries, Indore

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