“Compliance, quality and commitment are essentials in a preferred supplier”: Synergies Sourcing Bangladesh

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28-September-2017  |  5 mins read

Image Courtesy: synergiesworldwide.com

Synergies Sourcing Bangladesh Limited, headed by Atif Ahmed as the Director, is the local sourcing arm of Synergies Worldwide (with global headquarters in Bangkok). It was founded by Munir Mashooqullah, an industry evangelist and a sought-after speaker on supply chain, who retired after 28 years’ of active involvement with the company and handed over the reins to Guido Schlossmann (President and CEO), a former Li & Fung executive.

The global supply chain managing company, which provides low-cost sourcing solutions in apparel, fashion accessories, footwear, home textiles, decorative accessories and other goods for retailers/brands in the fashion and hospitality industries, sources different products from various manufacturing centres based on their core strengths.

Image Courtesy: synergiesworldwide.com

Its’ Bangladesh operations today account for almost 50 per cent of the company’s total sourcing.

Rule of Three

Our first requirement starts from Compliance, moving to Quality and last but not the least, ending at Commitment. These are the most important factors we consider before enlisting any vendor to become our business partners.


98% of the buyers are confident that Bangladesh will remain a preferred destination, not only for basic items but also for growing importance on orders for value added and small quantity orders.

Sync with Changing Dynamics

To remain in sync with the requirement of today’s fashion retail business, our country really needs to fast-track improvement and enable further development/enhancement of raw material supplies as still there are so many qualities which we have to import, which consequently increases our lead time, whereas on the other hand, our fast fashion clients are reducing their procurement lead time every season. This remains a challenge for us to compete with the other countries which have vast variety of raw materials (fabric, yarn, etc.) locally available.

Atif Ahmed, Director, Synergies Sourcing Bangladesh Ltd.

Biggest Challenge!

Denim apparel manufacturing overall has advanced quite a lot but it still requires some learning, especially in washing process to produce garments with less chemicals and yet give better output. Therefore, awareness and implementation of this knowledge should be ensured very soon. Moreover, green product is the most discussed subject today for which we have already taken major initiatives 3-4 years back by proposing sustainable collections to our clients. Our country needs to fast undergo this shift towards sustainability for a better and assured future.

The Future

The growth of the industry is satisfactory in my humble opinion considering the fact that many of the big retailers are struggling at their sales end. Bangladesh still needs improvement in many of the areas for which manufacturers are closely working with the concerned associations.

Image Courtesy: synergiesworldwide.com

Advantage BD

Bangladesh will remain important for the kind of infrastructure each factory has established. Besides, manufacturing cost is still one of the lowest in Bangladesh. Most industrialists are also continuously working to add automations to enhance productivity to control costs.

Supplier Pool

We do believe in building partnerships with manufacturers as it takes a lot of time and energy to build relations plus technical understanding, but we are still open to welcome new reliable manufacturers as there is always some unique strength in each of them which adds value to our product mix.

Business Policies

We have tried to maintain a flexible yet strictly ethical policy in vendor management in which there is always a room for special consideration as long as it complies with our CSR criteria.

Maintaining the Edge

Well, it’s not easy to define just one area to maintain our competitiveness but sourcing competitively-priced raw materials has been our core focus to maintain the lowest possible cost rather than just bargain on CMs with our manufacturing partners. We try to balance our cost down in every possible area but the challenge continues…!

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