Saw it. Wanted it? Now get it! Red Carpet looks now a click away

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

23-June-2018  |  2 mins read

Fx Group’s shoppable red carpet
Fx Group’s shoppable red carpet

Emmys, Billboard Music Awards, Grammy Awards and American Music Awards remain replete with everything high fashion. Managing mega influencers, high profile Advisor and marketing giant, FX Group’s collaboration with Mavatar has made the dream of owning the very red-carpet looks you saw on celebs possible. Viewers can now purchase the red-carpet couture via Mavatar’s blockchain-based mCart marketplace.

Enabling the brands and tastemakers to judge and analyse in the real time: what, where and how much of merchandise is selling, m-cart is the new face of smart commerce.

FX Group’s clientele is the true example of ‘a ripple effect creator’; courtesy, the mainstream media. The trendsetting nature of this business has a huge impact on global consumer base every second. It is obligated to create a connect between consumers and the products, thus urging them to make a purchase.

Announcing one-of-its-kind collaboration, FX group aims to launch a platform designed to cater to the different needs of retailers, macro influencers and shoppers. It is a decentralised marketplace which by using smart contacts empowers macro-influencers to accountably collaborate with each other. It creates an ecosystem which ensures every participant an appropriate financial incentive.

mCart with its prima technology aims at improving customer experience by offering the data needed to make smart marketing decisions. Using its powerful marketing on the blockchain, the idea is to create trust and maintain complete transparency amongst customers, be it retailers, brands, or shoppers.

With the push advertising model failing, this disruptive technology seems to be ‘a stitch in time’. The revenue generated with the help of mainstream media’s rich content can be tracked and analysed efficiently in ways never done before. Tapping the potential in this innovation would be valuable for the designers, buyers and retailers to analyse the nature of the ecosystem created by the customers and to bring to them offers, discounts and deals which would suit their needs and demands.

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