Brands are investing in good window displays to increase the number of walk-ins

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27-July-2018  |  6 mins read

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Visual cues are becoming the concoction that is enabling the consumers to experience the globe from within the four walls. Ever wondered how Pinterest or Instagram has become an integral part of our lives? It is the convenience experienced by the brain while consuming information in visual form. This is as important and as effective in retail as in any another field.

An enticing vista at the window is bound to have an immediate effect on the sales of the store. Even though online shopping is spreading like wild fire, expectations from brick and mortar stores are not as dreary as they look. According to findings, in 2020, approximately more than 80 percent of U.S. retail sales will still be happening from within the four walls of a store.

Retail News


Studies reflect that the human mind has an attention span of lesser than eight seconds but that’s when there is actual effort put to concentrate.

Mr. David Landart, Director, Carlin Group (France) through his talk at the Heimtextil event in New Delhi explained to the audience the golden rule of window dressing: the minute time gap of three seconds, during which it is necessary to entice the consumer and compel him/her to walk in and buy from the shop.

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Apple is one of the global brands that have a much-defined market niche. Yet, a great deal of effort is made in creating a visual that will attract the passer-by to enter the store and probably buy a product. Their shattered glass was a rewarding idea; it depicted the amazing sound quality of their new iPod Hi-Fi, the quality is so amazing that it can literally break glass.


Creating a widow display is also to play with mind of the customer considering the distance from where he is viewing your shop. The colours, graphics, and the elements used should be able to capture the eye not just when the customer is in front of the store but also from a distance.

Retail News

Adidas’s youth centric brand Adidas neo had created a window that had put ‘shopping’ in window. With the idea to generate sales during closed hours, they installed screens, which allowed the customers to purchase products in the store. Conducted in Germany, the pilot-run was declared a huge success. It got 90% of the street’s attention and approximately 1 out of 4 people, which interacted, with the window actually walked into the store.

The changes made on the window should not be minor adjustments but creative ideas that will attract the crowd, from a distance.


Comprising of two phases, the life of a window display should be understood. A matured window display may decrease the sales, as a consumer seeing no change in the display might believe the merchandises have not changed at all.

The presence of the same display beyond five weeks has no effect on the sales. The change must be monumentally different from the existing exhibit. It should be contemporary and speak with audience about the offering the store has.

With travel being one of the mega trends influencing buying behaviour, Wills Lifestyle has a set up that has travel as its core theme, titled ‘Caught at the Bay’. It is in synergy with the retails of the store, encouraging the customers to purchase items from a travel perspective.


The necessary evil, social media has been of immense help in boosting the sales for many brands. The potential that lies in marketing through these platforms is huge. Retailers must exploit multi-channel system and create a new shopping experience!

Linking the window display with the advertisement on different channels of marketing and promotional agenda of the brand chain, will optimise the return on investment on advertisements. Whatever is visible at the brick and mortar store must have same essence on website, television ads, social media, hoarding etc.

Raymond’s Techno Stretch fabric launch needed a visual unveiling that featured its prime quality i.e. Stretch. The window display consisted of artists that modelled as mannequins wearing the techno stretch outfits. They broke into dance forms that confirmed the ultimate stretch of the fabric. Advertisements for the material, with the same format and central message, were strategically released on its entire active social media marketing channels. This act created a huge talking point at windows by increasing walk-ins and overall sales of the offering.

In the age of speed, it is important to understand that window display is neither a feathery nor an insignificant act. It is a vital business asset, fuelling retail conversions in stores and on e-commerce websites.

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