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    November, 16-30, 2017

    November 2017| 16-30| 60 Pages

    The global shirt market (as per data from Statista – one of the biggest data management companies in US and EU), stood at US $ 51 billion with a total consumption of 2.5 billion pieces in 2016 and is expected to reach US $ 58.5 billion (in terms of value) and 2.83 billion pieces (in terms of volume) by 2020. Of these men’s shirts constitute one of the core products for many exporters in parts of southern India, like Chennai and Bangalore. But over the last few years, market conditions have made this category very challenging, more so as our neighbours such as Bangladesh strengthen their hold on the product. Team Apparel Online spoke to some shirt manufacturers to explore more on the product…
    Precisely named ‘Standards for Technical Textiles’ – a two-day National Conclave was jointly organized in Delhi by FICCI, Ministry of Textiles and Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) touching in detail the various aspects of technical textiles’ industry, with most participants agreeing to the fact that a lot needs to be done in this segment. The event also saw sessions on ‘Standards Required for Health and Hygiene’ and on ‘Standards Required for Workplace Safety’.

    Our FFT Team, in the fashion pages, gives coverage to the Top 10 trends from the international showcases of Spring/Summer 2018, set to affect the future of fashion.

    Besides the above, our regular columns of Mind Tree, Fashion Trends, H2F, Industry Wire, Export Statistics, Resource Centre, etc. make the issue worth reading.


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