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    February, 2015

    February 2015| 60 Pages

    Time and again, SW has focused on efficient plant layout and material flow systems in apparel factories. In thisissue, the same topics have been integrated to focus on setting up efficient multi-storey apparel factories, and for which SW spoke to many industry experts, including an architect. Along with experts’ viewpoints, perspectives from industry members of India and Bangladesh have also been taken on the material flow and plant layout followed in their respective factories. In continuation of the series on Industrial Engineering, this edition of SW talks about making an operation bulletin (OB), which is a key format of communication between the IE and the production department. The article not only talks about how to make a complete OB but also lists the consequences of an unclear or vague OB, which increases the rejection rate and cost of quality. Also highlighted in this issue are the latest technologies displayed at KnitWorld and Knit Vision, both exhibitions held in Ludhiana, which not only give the knitting industry a direction of technological upgradation but also define the general mood of the sector.


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