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    December, 2014

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    Outerwear jackets is one product which China exported to the US and EU in the first half of 2014, equivalent to US $ 3 billion, Vietnam exported the same worth US $ 1 billion and India exported a little less than US $ 100,000. The product, though not new, remained unexplored by apparel manufacturers in India, not just because of the opportunity in the export market, but also due to the growing consumption of the same in the domestic market. In a one of a kind article on outerwear jackets, StitchWorld explores all the myths related to the product and gives a clear outline for someone interested in manufacturing the same. Also highlighted is the growing demand of bonded and seam sealed jackets both in the export and domestic markets. Another interesting read in this December issue is the article on UTAH Group, a vertically integrated apparel manufacturing enterprise, based in Bangladesh. RazzakSattar, the Managing Director of the company, has adopted 13 unique KPIs for managing his business while maintaining the profitability and charting out growth plans. The company has put in an indigenously developed ERP system for monitoring these KPIs in real time. With a turnover of US $ 100 million and 3,500 sewing machines, UTAH Group has achieved feats such as 100% on-time delivery, 98% cut to ship ratio, 100% target achievement and just 3 defects per hundred units. Fifth article of the series on Industrial Engineering, the article on Determining Allowances thread bares the various allowances that should be taken into consideration while defining the targets in apparel manufacturing. Under the sub-heads of Personal & Fatigue allowance, Machine allowance, Contingency allowance and Special allowances, various scenarios specific to the shop floor have been discussed for better understanding and application of the same.


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