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    Vietnam has earned praise from the international community for being among the few countries that have taken swift and proactive measures to curtail the spread and fatality of Covid-19. But provided the pandemic is controlled and normalcy comes back by June, the country’s textile industry may have to bear a loss of US $ 473 million. Ever since China has resumed its operations, Vietnam is finding difficult to sell the products to US and EU where buyers have stopped ordering, say industry experts to Team AOV.

    Meanwhile, Vietnam is focusing on better water management. According to World Bank study, water pollution is the greatest threat that could cost Vietnam up to 3.5 per cent of GDP annually by 2035. However, the silver lining is the fast realisation among Vietnam’s garment and textile sector about the relevance of better water management. 

    It’s heartening to see technology providers from the textile industry contribute to the fight against the deadly Coronavirus that has taken the world in its captivity. When the world is facing shortage of masks, Eastman Machine Company has been granted a waiver of continued operations by New York State (NYS). Similarly, Gerber Technology has been producing protective masks, PPE kits and other required medical textile equipments which is need of the hour.  


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