Karl Mayer to exhibit its technological innovations at ITMA 2019

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14-May-2019  |  4 mins read

Raschel machines
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Karl Mayer will be presenting its technological innovations in the field of warp knitting, warp preparation, technical textiles and its digital solution KM.ON at next month’s ITMA 2019, in Barcelona, Spain.

Under the motto Future of Textiles, the company will also present sustainable solutions including innovations for the new exciting applications and markets.

The main highlight will be its newly launched model of Raschel machines, RSJ 4/1 EL, that offer 50 per cent more working width, greater productivity and flexibility than the traditional models. The machine is well equipped with EL technology that ensures rapid pattern change and produces pattern with long repeats.

The company will also be displaying another model RDPJ 6/2 EL 138ʺ, in a gauge of E 24.

In 2016, Karl Mayer launched the OJ series, under the Lace.Express trademark, that addressed the special need of apparel market. In the event, the manufacturer will exhibit a self-contained, complete 134” machine platform for the intimate sector.

The company will offer a B-(Back) version and a F-Jacquard (Front) version for each of the representatives. The main feature of the machine is that these related models are compatible to one another.

Another innovation on display will be the first three-bar HKS model with electronic guide bar control. The machine features innovative gear solutions that make it faster and simpler during pattern change.

The Multi-Matic 32 machine for the production of samples and short production warps, will be their another offering. It is equipped with an OPC UA interface that allows it to be digitally networked making possible the collection of real-time operating data.

In direct beamers, the company launched the standard model, Isodirect at ITMA Asia 2018, while this year the company will be presenting Prodirect as a version for the premium market.

Moreover, Karl Mayer will also be showing the new stop motion Multiguard as prototype.

The visitors will also experience the latest generation of sectional warping machines via a live link at Karl Mayer’s German site in Hausen. The Prowarp will be demonstrating its new features and capabilities.

The latest innovations include a modern module for the camera-assisted recording of production data, which is important for the high reproducibility of beam build-up.

Furthermore, the company with its focus on sustainability, will be presenting a newly developed technology for indigo dyeing process in nitrogen atmosphere, which ensures an optimum setting of the dye in terms of solidity and brilliant tone, at the same time requiring less dye bath volume, chemicals and water.

Also on the show will be the new Link-Matic system for the automatic knotting of the batches on the Prodye-S indigo machine and the Prosize sizing machine.

At ITMA Asia 2018, Karl Mayer launched its own digital brand, KM.ON, the associated digital product portfolio with eight categories, and the first solutions. Other offers will follow just in time for the next ITMA in Barcelona.

k.production is also launching its first product. This new digital tool combines a PDA system with a ticket system to enable any disruptions in production to be managed efficiently.

k.management enables the current production process to be viewed remotely and now includes a greater range of parameters. The new features in the k.maintenance system focus on the topic of planned maintenance.

Finally, the k.innovation covers the first software developments, which will enable customers to shorten their time-to-market considerably by adapting their workflows and processes. The key for accessing all the KM.ON solutions, has also been upgraded.

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