‘D mark’ method speeds up trade at Benapole Port

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

20-May-2019  |  2 mins read

Benapole Port
Image Courtesy: theindependentbd.com

Short on self-sufficiency as far as fabrics and other raw materials are concerned, many garment manufacturers in Bangladesh are dependent on India for the same, a substantial part of which makes its way to Bangladesh through the Benapole Port.

However, delay in the release of consignments at Benapole has been a major concern for the importers for long. But things have now undergone a drastic change after the port authorities decided to employ ‘D Mark’ method to unload 80 per cent of imported goods, where a highest of three days are needed for unloading of goods, as per reports.

Since unloading time has reduced, the importers now not need to bear additional duty and truck fares, which is reportedly helping to reduce the import cost.

“This method was introduced to reduce the hassles of the importers and thus improve the ease of doing business…,” observed Benapole Customs House Commissioner Belal Chowdhury.

As per the ‘D Mark’ method, an integrated team of the land port made a short list of the imported goods every morning and as per that list, the customs officials put the ‘D’ (Direct) or ‘E’ (Examine) mark beside the imported goods.

Chowdhury added that the method is employed for the reputed importers who do not have any history of discrepancy as far as declaration and receipt of specific items are concerned.

According to Benapole Customs House authorities, a delegation of the World Bank visited the Benapole Land Port and lauded the method employed by authorities in unloading operation.

They also noted that the Benapole Customs House has unleashed a revolutionary change in goods unloading through this method and noted that this step of the Benapole Port could be a replicating example for the other ports as well.

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