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Here comes a new collaboration to reduce synthetic and textile waste

by Apparel Resources News-Desk

1 week ago  |  2 mins   read

Image Courtesy: www.waste360.com

Parkdale Advance Material Inc., innovation fibre and spun yarn division of Parkdale Inc., and Intrinsic textile group have joined forces to develop and commercialize ‘CiCLO’, a sustainable textile technology. The collaboration called Intrinsic Advanced Material is a step to deal with the problem of synthetic microfibre pollution and textile waste.

The CiCLO technology allows plastic based fibres like polyester to biodegrade like natural fibres in waste water plant sludge, sea water and landfill condition. The bio-mimetic process is activated under prolonged exposure to moisture, high heat, and microbes present in the waste water treatment plants and anaerobic landfill conditions.

According to the company, this is the first textile technology in the market that can be easily implemented in the manufacturing units to reduce the synthetic microfibre pollution generated during washing, and for minimizing plastic accumulation in the landfills caused by discards textiles.

Moreover, according to the recent studies the annual estimation of plastic microfibre pollution in the ocean is equivalent to more than 50 billion plastic bottles by weight. Also, as per the US Environmental Protection Agency, about 5 percent of landfill mass is textile waste. Considering that greater than 60 percent of the world’s textiles are synthetic materials, more than 40 million pounds of synthetic ‘plastic’ textiles are sent to landfill every day in the United States alone.

“We’re confident that CiCLO is the best solution for synthetic microfibre pollution and unrecycled textile waste. The joint venture is a strategic fit, leveraging each company’s strengths, and representing Parkdale’s commitment to continual innovation for our customers,” said Charles Heilig, President and CEO of Parkdale Textiles Division.

“Parkdale is contributing considerable resources and expertise to enable CiCLO to lead the textiles industry in sustainable solutions. Their partnership presents a powerful opportunity for us to significantly scale up manufacturing and quickly make products available to customers worldwide, ultimately making the greatest environmental impact,” said Andrea Ferris, CEO of the new joint venture.